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1999 Sea Ray Signature 210 Custom Project.


1999 Sea Ray Custom Boat Project by North Lake Fiberglass


We picked up this Sea Ray for a customer who wanted to convert his boat into an all purpose wake board boat and bring the boat up to a modern look at the same time. After spending some time with him we had a plan in place, we installed a Perfect Pass cruise control system and changed the prop to a five blade. This helped the boat stay on plane at very low speeds for water sports and wake boarding. Plus it also provides actual GPS speed in place of the unreliable factory speedometers.

The next big issue was the seating in the boat, He wanted more room and with the influence of other ski boats we built a custom L shaped seating area for passengers to lounge inside the boat. After removing the passenger seat there was plenty of room to walk around and be comfortable. We also made new custom snap in carpet to complement the new interior and removed all of the old wood grain interior to give the boat a "modern look"

We decided to us a MT2 Monster tower because the lines of the tower really go with the boat. Plus monster towers are just a better looking and built universal tower. For shade we installed the cargo bimini so he can keep the kids in the shade and still haul a tube on top out of the way of passengers but available for use at anytime.

The stereo of the sea ray was just plain worn out. We went all out with a 6 channel amplifier, 12 inch down firing sub woofer and three sets of component speakers along with a equalizer and i pod jack. We upgraded his remote commander to complement the black and tan theme in the boat. Now music is controlled at the drivers fingertips and provides clean crisp music and powerful bass.

The biggest issue was the outside of the boat. The gold emblems and stickers showed the age of the boat. The sea ray lines are modern and similar to the new boats produced by sea ray today. We decided to gel coat the side of the boat black and install new sea ray emblems in the oval body lines on the side of the boat. The customer wanted gel coat instead of automotive paint in order to give the boat durability.

With many other details finished on the boat we took it to the water with the customer. The boat looks as if it came off the showroom floor and really turned heads. We made a few passes and engaged the perfect pass system. The boat settled in at 18mph and was still on plane. We made a few turns and the motor kept the boat at 18mph flawlessly. We felt very good about the performance of the boat.. A huge improvement over the stock boat. We turned off the perfect pass and it reads GPS mph in place of the factory speedo. We cranked up the tunes and we for a cruise on the lake as happy as can be.

Upon arriving at the Mooresville shop the boat was clean but the design was showing age.

installed component speakers and equalizer.


Boat is sanded and waiting for buff ....Before interior pics.... After the new seating and carpet

We removed the factory speedo and installed a matching Perfect Pass GPS based cruise control.

The stereo is a clean install with most of the equipment hidden and out of the way.